Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brand new Feb.

it's another brand new month, FEB :D That's a nice starting! Haha.

For you bitch, You said you don't care what i think what i said, Then why you post it in your blog? So childish omg omg. You thought whad, You thought everyone would only listen to you? you bitch.Since you step out Jitsin, Just care your own business. Dont ever care about whad happen in jit sin la. Shut up,youfuckingidiotbitch!

Neways, i'm not mad or whdever shit. i just write down whad i feel and whad i think. But still, i'm in the good mood ;p;p i received 18packet,36 mandarin orange in school today. wth, memang proud of myself dah XDXD Thats why i keep smiling for the whole day, even though i saw someone i don't wish to met. Thanks for BoonHow and AhBoon for buying me those freaking expensive mandarin orange. i don't know is it call mandarin orange. chinese we called 'Gan' :D

That's another BM and English Essay waiting for me to complete them. Got to finish up my m.maths and add maths tuition homework. its half past ten now. i should stop and start my homework.

CNY is coming another week, but wtheck im going to school this saturday! :(

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