Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Tiger Year :D

It's better when you cannot see my face right? :D
so how are you guys new year?!
I Had a lot of FUN! But, school is going to reopen.
wtf wtf. I'm busy gambling w/ mua relatives and friends.
Hang out w/ them!
But don't know what happen, my ang pau $$ is getting less year by year.
But other people $$ is getting much. Weird!!! :/

Neways, jst want to inform you guys.
My hair is fake one! HAHAHA :D gotcha?
and how it's look like?
some people said, i look better w/ short hair.
some people said i look better w/ long hair.

lastly, I'm very Happy on 16/02/2010 :D

stay tune people! :D
signing off,

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