Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick Post ;)

This would be a very quick post ;]
Schools reopen, i don't have much times!
I just done w/ a tuition and i've another tuition later :(
Lame shit i know. Grrrr. Rawr. Roar.

You guys had a nice and romantic valentines day w/ your valentines?
Haha. You know what i did for my 'VALENTINE?!' Non-sense. nobody want me.
So i just spent my time doing cupcakes for some special 1 :D
i hope that is sweet enough. HAHA!
look at the picts below. PROVE to you all. i did it ;)
Of course, i need to thanks my sister and mother helping me as well.

so nice isn't it?

Look delicious! :D

Waiting waiting waiting* :)

self camwhore while waiting ! :)

The 1st day w/ my fake hair. LOL

& someone back from seremban that day.
Went out and chilled @ MCD auto city. =)
i love to being w/ him. everything become so simple and happy.

That's all for the day.

13/2/2010. It's 29th meh? XD
Went to aunty place for reunion 'LUNCH' :D

She is my YEEYEE. Aunty ;)
The second 1 ~

Dia dengan husband dia ;p

' lou sang '

Beloved marmie <3

Yee Yee and Po po ;)

My Uncle! =)

It's my turn XD
Moi,MingJay and Choowei.

Us again. at the garden.

night. Went to Dad's side uncle house for reunion dinner.
After that went home. And prepare for praying.

After 12. it's CHOR 1.
Happy Chinese New Year ;)

to be continue! ;)
i need to take a nap.

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