Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy birthday to you :)

It's her bigggg bigggg day :)
3rd of march. suppose to blog it tmrw, but i have to stay back tmrw.
For activity, maybe just spend a little bit time on celebrate her birthday.
last Saturday they already celebrate her birthday at Station One.
I need to attend the add maths tuition. So i missed it.

Happy Birthday To You :)

She's NG SuKi.
the K is big capital. i knw it :P
i knw her since form 1. But i not really close w/ her.
i guess we start to knw each other more when we were form 2! :)
i had a lot of great time w/ her, yet we had past thru some bitter time too!
Maybe i'm not her best friend. Because we are not in the same class.
And she got theng theng them. LOL
But i still consider her as my BFF :D:D

To Ng suki,
Walao, you're now officially 16! 6months elder than me?
I hope you can get someone you really like, i mean like me.
i found the one. WAHAHA. so you must found it asap too ;p
or try to concentrate on the one who always stay by your side.
Don't make yourself regret, ya know?
Vampire? =,=
You are horny you know? some times you are fierce.
Some times you are crazy. some times you are stupid too.
yet some times you are lovely.

Just don't always shoot people la! :P
You know we love you right?

I wish you have a joyful birthday, because you gonna past it w/ all of us :)
Friendship is last and forever. i hope we can make it.
and i hope we can as close as last time :D

Selamat Hari Jadi :)

i should finish up my new year article.
But am rushing. For the exam, club, and all.
Gotta faint* and i finish Next Stop,Happiness.
That's totally a nice drama! if you haven't watch it.
MUST watch :P *this is an order! LOL

we must learn to be.
知足常乐 =)

i'm still learning it.
Always remember what i've told myself.
Not to give up. Because that's the road i've choose.
Try not to be emo anymore.

Hell. Are you reading it?
Tell me if yesh. HAHAHAHA.


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