Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Out w/ Vivan.

I hang out w/ Vivan on Tuesday.
the worst day in two oh one ten. guys you know. the WORST!cry
Yet someone is still stay by my side w/ me.
Who is that?! Tan Vi Van. razz

not going to tell out what happen, because it is already over. everything happened for a must know that. and after the things had happened. i learnt something!
'don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened'

moved back to my topic, we went JUSCO.
Her cousie fetch me there. we did not watch movie. because both of us having tuition at night. we just went to chilled at starbucks. i told her all my feelings. she listen to me all th time! how great was that when you are sad, and your boyf are not with you still your bff was there w/ you. maybe she can't help me to solve th problem. at least, even she know i'm wrong but she still stand at my side. supporting me. that's it. we called best friend. =)

Look, this is HER/SHE - Vivan :)

i was texting w/ my boyfie.
but the feeling was sucks when i texted with him on that day.

after Starbucks, we walked around. seriously jusco got nothing to shop for. i couldn't find any nice key chain for him. both of us get tired. we went to A&W. Because i wanted to eat curly fries. and the root bear are awesome! biggrin

She complained to me, said we were not taking much pichha. Because i was totally out of mood.sadstill i tried my best to take pichha w/ her! wink
so we did some stupid crazziiie pose! *blush*

[♥] my babe girl w/ me.

[♥] look how lovely we are XD

[♥] i love this one ! :D

sad until th max. :(

thanks sayang! i won't dumb you anymore. i promised!
wtheck, like so lessbian XD


we went home after that. so after all these, i'm much more closer w/ her!
Thanks for being w/ me when i need you.

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