Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me have so much of things to post up! :P

Well, it's the time to update you all with my life! razz I've been moody for th past few days. Because i did some mistake. But everyone learnt from their mistake right? & i just live once, so i won't look back. i only will look in front, live my life happily w the loved one! wink this lesson i've learn who is good and who is bad!mrgreen Don't judge a book by the cover.

A closed mouth catches no flies! cool Always remember this!

When i looked back, I'm smiling like a baby!

thankful to being with you.


Act like so formal =D

I like this one. He look so cute!

Baby has back to Nilai already. Not so long yet i feel like he left me in penang for thousand years already.confused sorry la peeps, i need to show off some. of else i cannot balance my stupid mind. wink so the day before he went back to nilai, he wasn't with me. i mean whole Sunday. He was not with me?! sound crazziie right? He spent his time w/ family. especially his mum. so he promise me, he will be with me on monday. and yesh, he did it. lol We went to Queens that day. just walked around w/ him. i don't want to watch any movie. i don't want the time w/ him wasted like that. redface and soon, he sent me back. and now he is back in nilai. 5hours from penang to there! how far is it?! cry not forget to tell ya all, he is coming back th coming next week! mrgreen

*both of us went for piercing* exclaim

So far i'm doing fine in this holidays.i just don't satisfied with the period of holidays. so much not enough! it's Friday already. evil i haven't enjoy my holidays till th max. and my hair haven't long enough. FML!

From this,

become like this ;p

Do you all seen the real side of yeeyee?! XD

Yup. i being like this when nobody ;p

come back as soon as you can ! RAWR

next post coming up, My date w/ Vivan.
she was there w/ me when my mood was hyper down. Thanks sweetie! wink


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