Wednesday, March 31, 2010

love story :)

i found back our pict. some of them ;]
it's taken on 31.12.2008 if i am not mistaken!
and ya know whads th date today? it's th last day in march on 2010 ;)
time flies!

flashback everything, i just feel like turning back! even though now my life is not bad.
but it was nearly perfect on that time, when i was form2. everything seems so nice!
i studied in 2b5 w/ tan vivan, i gt to know ng boon how. :)
but actually now, i still in th same class w/ tan vi van. & ng boon how is my boyf. LOL

i want to be good. if you want to hate me still, talk to me.
i will prove to you, i changed :)

& i love him.
love me today, because tmrw may be too late.

won't go away. always stay in my heart. =D

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