Friday, April 2, 2010

you are so yesterday :)

Happy birthday to Aunty Delia. =)
Today is her big big day. so so bad i never gt her a handmade birthday. due to my laziness. cry
wish her can have a enjoyable and unforgettable birthday! smile

So far my blogging mood have already back, the thing is i lack of time to update my blog!
i've been busy for sukan tara in my school for th past few days. and so fucking sad,
i'm turning in to oh-kim now which mean ( dark,darker and then darkest!) FML T_T
After this week, i still hav another few weeks to suffer. having sukan saringan and sukan tahunan! guess i gotta become small little indian after all these shyt :(
anyhow, this is th last year i swear! i'm not gonna so stupiddddddd again la!

I'm looking forward to next week, having a date w/ all my bitch! i swear i gonna take a lot of picts w/ them! if not, i gonna kill myself ;p
because i want to let ya all knows who's my bitch! :D
At least they won't betray me FOR NOW :)
At least i won't get shoot when i said something wrong.
At least i no need to think twice when i want to say something.
i can be my own. being myself. to laugh, to chill, to have fun w/ them! :)
that's another new page,starting point for me again. I'm Glad! (WOOT)
you know who you are right? ;p will upload ya all picts after i transfer them from my phone to my laptop kay? be patient whad ;)

conclusion, that is nothing different whether i have you as my friend or we just be stranger :)
i don't hate you. =)

this post is so picts-less. RAWR. because i'm updating my blog in my aunty house.
waiting mum to come and then we are going to celebrate Aunty Delia's birthday! :)

lastly, don't expect much from you. let it go. IM SO TIRED already T_T

i will update my blog sooon! :D

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