Saturday, March 13, 2010

Loveeeeeeee you babyyyy!

Read my cute mind :)

Align CenterSuperman is back. *claps!
i waited him for two weeks, and now he is back. Yet he is going back today night or tmrw.
So sad uh?! fucking depressed.
i want to spend my time longer w/ him!

So back to the topic, we went Queens during friday night.
i tried sisha. My ever first time =)
not bad thou.

So here's some picts i taken that night.
Junior and kean lim.
oh yea, Happy birthday to Junior.
Selamat Hari Jadi,

SSS Pasta. Super duber hyper spicy.
superman ordered it, And he sweat like hell. =P

Who is this? Haha. Pro in sisha lor him. ;p

Wei wei. =)

Woah. The very chio one! look at his head! :P

The very steam face! XDXD
Nah, superman bad in taking photo ;p

Last, The group picts! =)

Finish. =p
Then, i continue posting my picts XD

Where's another ? :)


w/ spec :)

concentrate in studies la ;(

He never replied my msg during that time. Where are you?! LOL

i really miss you.

signing off w/ loves,
SiewYeeT aka LadyYeeyee =)

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