Saturday, March 13, 2010


FYI, monthly test is over!
So it's the great time to party!
Some more someone is back from nilai. So he can bring me out :D:D

I should upload the picts about last night.
We went Queens, Stick. For sishaaaaaa :D Woot.
But my fucking brother playing games and make my connection fucking slow.
So, i'm not going to upload it. i will upload it mayb tmrw or maybe the day after tmrw!
Cause i'm having a week holiday :D
Date me out peeps!

The lowest mark, i ever get before. FML.
Fyi, the owner of 28marks is Vivan.
The owner of 24marks is me.
i get the lowest marks in my class. fdm!
so mempersiasuikan. =(

Left handside : Siewyee aka the blog owner means ME la. :P
Right handside : The V Girl, Vi van tan. she's my partner in my class. but we do not sit together.

Whad to do when all teacher busy marking our test paper?
And we got nothing to do in the class.
beside sleeping, Camwhore! :D

Oops, she's show offing her not very nice roxy pencil case ;p

without her make up, so she cover her facey! :D
*noooo la, she not used to make up, maybe she like this pose?! :D
don't slap me don't kill me don't ask me to delete when you see this XD

路遥知马力,日久见人心 :-D
right sayang?!

So here's some photo i taken before exam while i was doing revision.
Camwhore to kill the bored right?! and this is my fav :D
Boooooo. It may harm your eyes. so if you cannot effort.
Just close your eyes or mayb just leave :P

I Heart You <3

Naughty babe ;p

Look at there!

There's a girl posing <3

Still some of the picts i haven't upload because i am already lazy to being waiting.
Ciaos. See you guys! :D

ps. adrian boo. so happy? i never change my name yet! ;p
pps. Ah moi and ah zhen, i update already! so leave comment! :D
ppps. I miss my 4c1 already. not bad la my class ;)
pppps. Xinyee remember our date kay! TAO for your birthday celebration!
ppppps. sometimes, when you care something. you won't tell out. because you're tired of telling.
pppppps. Please think or care others feeling. don't think that you're th right one yo. ;)
ppppppps. i am fed up of keeping our relationship warm. I pay my heart, but i get nothing.
pppppppps. I should stop pppsssss again ! HAHAHA. buai. <3

1 comment:

-gozzip boyz- said...

okay you win.
but FYI your picture so 'damned pretty'. =)
'damned pretty' as its owner. =D
anyway it's good to let other people to have a look at your 'damned pretty' face.
*eyes begin to bleed*
anyway have a nice holiday. =)
adiós. =)