Friday, April 30, 2010


# Ilove to laugh likee this! since when?! ;p
Hellos Readers! I'm back from another planet!*laughoutloud!
Damnfarkingdulanandpissedofff!! FYI, my laptotop charger spoil! so what can i do this lend my aunty's laptop.
so, i don't know what th heck happend to her laptop. i just can't rearrange my picts! so let it be! -___-
Befre i start my grandmother stories, pelase kindly click my ADS! Just beside you. on your right handside!
I will appreciate gao gao if you do click it ok?! :P

OKieDokie! It's May Now. So, it means no more EMOpost gonna appear in my blog! ENOUGH. & i should stop. If not noboy wanna see my blog anymore! right? Awww* or nobody is reading it?! :(
I'm still survive after few weeks! i'm glad and proud of myself -______-
Well, i'm kinda happy with everything now. Just, Don't look back. look in front. That's more better thingy waiting for you! Right?! :D
LONGLONGTIMEago, i went out with VivanT. We went to AutoCity just for support Xiaogui;AlienHuang.
OHYEa. i never listen about his song, Because for me. He is a good host. But don't really a good singer.
Hmm, But i guess i change my mind after i went there and met him! ;p
p/s ; though, i never buy his album! Haha. Saved 45bucks! ;p

Had dinner @WinterWarmer with VivanT.
*susah to finish!

# KaishengGoh & Weipei.

# Liyuen.

Whad they trying to do?

He look OK la. =P

Moi & xiagui <3

Wanyin, my junior & her boyf. ;p


i caught this in IceIceBaby. I was like o_o
Wtf so farking YUCKS!

i love this picts th more!
Most of us look nice nice 99 XD

AlienHuang; Xiaoguiiii :)

not gonna type more! B'cause i'm L.A.Z.Y :D
hell, tmrw is labourDay.Yet i still having a addmaths tuition! ExtraClass. :(
So Say Goodbye to my beautymorning! *RAWR.
Hopefully gt to watch IPMAN 2!!!! & IRONMAN 2.

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