Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st Of May.

nice? i finally change my blogskins. Credit to VivanT,my girl. *smile.
New month, New skin, not to forget. New W-I-S-H :D i had a bad day lah conclude everything.
let me start my grandmother stories. -____- and this post are without any picture!! :/
I woke up late today morning cause i slept very late last night! i rushed to my extra class. Then after that. I phoned daddy. ask him wtheter want to watch Ip Man or not. He said YESH. So i decided to reserve th ticket @Sunway cinema, Hell yea. It's a 18P movie, which mean me and my bro are not allow to go in! so i change my mind. phoned to TGV movieline to reserve 4tickets. i managed to reserve! so i was berry berry happy! So i prepared myself and done. when i prepared everything. My parents HAVEN'T done. So i was like. if we late, we won't get th ticket! :(
YUP. we were late for 10mints like to get th reserved ticket. THEY TOLD US THEY SOLD OUT THE TICKET! FARKINGDAMNYOUASSHOLE! :( :( And mum and dad blame us. brother blame me. FUCK. All show their blacky face to me. forgt about it, we went to station one for our dinner after that. i thought everything gonna be fine again. But when i finished my meal. bro's meal haven't serve. Mum lost control again. OMFG. smth damn suay happen! I ordered wrongly the food. bro want lamb chop but i ordered lamb shank for him! so he pissed off and scolded at me! :( when th food was served, he don't want to eat. So i finished it by myself. -_____- alone, sambil nangis sambil makan! Cause i hate the taste of lamb. and i just fnsed mine chicken chop! after i fns everything i thought everything ended. But The stupid brainless bro scolded me again. He asked me not to cried this and that! He is only 14 years old. Still younger than me. i can't get it! so rude and no manner to his sister?! im such a failure. i only know how to cry -____-
i feel like vomit out everything. The stupid taste still rolling in my mouth. YUCKS! :(
So suay la today!!! :(
i hope tmrw will be better.
After a storm, Comes a calm. :)

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