Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy birthday ! :D

The birthday girl.

your truly.

Happy birthday To My bitch, Tan Vivan.
you're officially 6teens now! :)
Growing up, learnt from mistake, pray for future!
I know it's hard to get a bestf like me, so please appreciate ;p
Like what we gav you for your pressie? :D
not really expensive, but at least we gav you some surprise. right?!

The card from the blogger to th birthday girl.

i don't hav money to get you juicy couture. so i gt it for like this! ;p

& how about my birthday card?!
& my article for you during your birthday?!
i know you must be very super duber touch! HAHA.
Don't cry. smile always LALALA =P
We love you!

Pary in USA ;p


i like this pencil case! wtf wtf! :(

My econ teacher :)

bitch is sleeping XD

& im hardworking ;D

She sitting behind me :)

pattern pattern ;p

she sit in front of me XD

two is better than one ma, i know XD

+0+4 :)

peeps, i uploaded all picts we taken this morning.
yup, me very bad. brought my camera to school. Just for taking picts w/ all my biatch.
i guess that's another time again, cause bringing camera to school taking picture with them are fun! :D

don't hav any cake for th birthday girl.
but you know what we gt for her?!
we gt her swiss roll. (london roll is better)

pattern banyak loh!



4cantik1 :)


so sweet la today, because of her, i skipped my duty.
gt home and update my blog for her. Are you happy enough?!




yucks, so lovely. :P

this is jynn posey. right? LOL -_-

woah. Seee i love this!

One again, all the best best luck for you :D
I L O V E Y O U = ]

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