Sunday, April 18, 2010


# Zero point one. =]

FYI i am still alive.
Been busy for my sport days until yesterday.
It's over. feel release, no need to go under the sun anymore after this. :)
should start revision and catch up studies alr.
Cannot miss any lesson dy.

So ya, i'm getting better and better. Thank you everyone. :)
it's hurt but i need to get over it. & i guess, the problem will solve it by itself.
some time the more you care, the more hurt u will get.
i don't give a damn anymore :D :D

seriously, i miss my hair really much. :(

gt free haircut by the stupid teacher. so i curse her.

# the blogger & ClaraChong.
this is my uniform during activity. =]

# with my junior. :)

# junior and me. She's cute! :D

My hair so short nao!
i don't want to take any picts! :(

with loves,

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