Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another week. :)

SuperGirl is back wf smile :D :D

time flies, another week is coming. Monday blues..
i don't feel like going to school tmrw, but tmrw are having IT exam. i hav no choice, must attend.
Oh ya, i join my school badminton competition! LMAO. i taking part in girls double. guess who is my partner?! HAHA. EOH XIN YEE. It's her. -___- Will lose for sure la, we go for fun only! :D
so this few week keep playing badminton after school. lose weight, train stamina. yaazz!! :)
Well, i went to my cousie birthday party another family gathering, All from jit sin ind. nothing to summarize.

QinHui and I. =)

This pict taken while we were on th way to MCD.

& this taken in Sushi King. :)

omfg, means what i ate in this weekend is much more than the exercise i did. FML. still th same, i'm fat fat fat! So whad? i'm still a rock star! :P

my current profile pict! :D

I was in winter warmer just now, went there for my highTea. :)

mixed fruit cocktail & iced peac tea are loves! :)

Mocha cake cost us 5bucks. but th taste sucks -_-

i drove back, believe?!

Next, coming tuesday is Adrian Boo birthday. i don't think i'm able to blog in that day. i wish you 1st la dai lou :D

Currently we are bff! he just sitting beside me! HAHA. and he know my situation as well. i share everything with him :) BFF! Happy birthday. sheng ri kuai le!!! wish you all th best! :)

some people they just can't shut their mouth, get their own life. They like to comment on people, but before that. try to change the way to you think, change an angel, situation and think. :]

so so so lazy to blog for those who spammed my blog. i wrote more, they write more. right?
So i won't give a damn in the future. -____- i won't remove my tagboard or lock up my blog. i will keep it update, to convenient my haters to view my blog. :)

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