Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's wrong with you guys?!

i would like to ask, what's wrong with you? and i would like to know, WHO ARE YOU?
and who do you think you are?! before you nudge me, think twice!
when you start talking about me, means i'm better than you. you get what i mean?
spammers, i know you are lifeless yet there's so much of blog let you to view.
let you to leave comment, why don't you just go away? get out out my life, and spam their blog.
you may think i'm coward. but i alrd try to ban the user who spam my blog.
if i still can't control this situation, i'm gonna remove my tag board.
i just don't feel like letting those stranger's thought i am a bad person. -_-
but so what lah, if i'm real bad.

you guys are really funny, using different name but actually from the same person.
no need to change so many name la, i know what you think.
still th same ok, just come to find me. and talk to me if you so really hate me!!!

i'm not worth for you to spend most of your time to spam my blog.
live your own life, no more get a life!! LOL. at least i try something new :P:P
but if you i'm worth for you to do so, i got nothing to say!

Changing the way to think, if you were me.
people's spam your blog like everyday, what do you feel?
i'm getting bored of it. rawr. but i break my promise. i said i won't give a damn again.
but i'm here to blog again for you, and i try to band you for posting my comment.

& thank you for those who support me. i know who you guys.
but for sure, not me la! :D
maybe i don't have true friends, but i have my family. and maybe some schoolmate. :)

i rock in my own way. so same as you, wish you luck. dumb ass!

wtf you looking at?! LOL

my study table. hiakhiak*
really hard for me to study.
keep open my twitter and facebook.
now one more entertainment, the spammer.
leave me a peaceful life, can you? :)

not more than one week, my exam.


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