Friday, May 7, 2010

FML -___________-

FML FYL -____________-
Fuck lah jit sin high school !!!
i cried a lot today. STUPIDASSHOLE teacherrrrr!

Get a new life lahh, i don't know who is that farking person come to spam my tag board.
your action are so damn childish lorh i tell you. respect people and people will respect you :)
& specially reply for you : it's better to have a few TRUE friends than having a bunch of FAKE friends!
if you think i don't have friends la! Heee.
君子交绝,不出恶声 :)
不要拿别人的过错来惩罚自己! :D
going to Queens for ironman 2 tmrw! :)
gonna be a good day yet early in the morning i need to go to school for pegawai sukan AGM. mad sien!!!!! :(

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