Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Baby Baby :D

Do i look gorgeous with my hair wig? :)

this picture was taken during chinese new year. and i went to Queens with some schoolmates.

so so so long time ago. ahha :)
but memories won't go away right?! i kept in my mindd always.

since everything bad happened to me, like quite a lot.maybe friendship,my love,relationship between my family. i only think, whattheheck is going on?! Why everything just happened like this? Unfair unfair unfair! i just keep on blaming on others, tried to use those unhelpful way to solve th problem. but end up with failure.
Yup and now i think i change :) I try forgive and i forget. Taadaaa :D i won't blame for those who judge me last time. maybe what ya all judge and comment about me is truth. ahhas. but now, i change alr. i am new one! you know why? i did something really surprised myself today. i tried to forgive a girl who betray or maybe she really did smth very wrong to me. And i make it!! When i saw her alone, my heart feel pain. i don't want th same thing happen to me, maybe one day in the future i'm sitting alone at the canteen, eating alone. actually i had tried before lah. but the reason not because of i don't have friends, just because of they were busy. So if one day, i sitting alone and hoping someone who can sit beside me and accompany me, but i fail. and all my enemy laugh behind me!!
i tell you, no one can really accept lorh! i just hope to be friend with anyone :D
live a peaceful life, smile everyday is the great way! HAHA!
i learnt, stand on others side consider their situation.
Maybe you think what i said is just bullshit. but there is something call karma.
The karma will just hit you back. =)
no matter what you think of me, before you point at me.
look at the yourself first. this is most important! :D
i am super duber friendly one! just smile and me, i will smile at you too!! :D :D
trust me,

Then what about my short and nerdy hair leah? :)
OMFGGGGG. I so freaking love my class now lorh! although some teacher are always so beh tahan! but classmate make my day! :P:P

Want to know more about them? WOAH no problem.
just kiss my ads, and leave me a comment *CHUUUUUUUUU :)
and i will write one article for them!
i must off to complete my homework. no more delay -____-
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thank you!!


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