Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly updateeeeeee.

currently mood : NAIS!
currently playing : Wedding Dress.

The blogger w/ smile :)

Hellos peeps, been neglected my blog for almost a week time. No idea what to blogg about. so i just share some picts with ya. =)

Yesh, exam is carrying out this week. One week more to go, then it's holiday! :D TWO WEEKS! And a lot of tuition stop, i mean in june. Teacher also need some rest right :D

*Moral Value* :D

i'm loving it!

MCD to study or EAT?! :P

Awesome friend :D

Otw home :D

And i'm home.

Conclusion, i love to camwhore! :D

FYI, i deactivated my facebook account, it detracting me all the time when i was doing my revision. the only way to control is to deactivate. =(
Will be back after my mid-term examination. But, i still on Twitter :)
Just follow me and check me out!!! :D



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