Tuesday, June 15, 2010

break your heart or heartbreaker?

#Be the heart breaker and break your heart? :)

# Ivy. her outfit damn chio lor! ;p

The only benefit i can get when i fall sick is that i won't gain any weight. & i eat less. cause everything are tasteless. :(

# AWWWW. I miss them.

I'm back from Genting. i miss the clown so much, inside joke*

I am running out of time leaving to JB& singapore in few hours time.
hope everything goes smooth, all of us safe. cause everyone is saying JB very the not safe =(

chio ??! XD

# who want to be my prince? :P

Freaking cold there :S

I likey this pict! taken by me. :D
Nice or not? *teacher, give some comment!!!

ciao, i got to go. everybody is waiting me HAHA!


alvink said...

thanks for dropping by. if u like my blog, follow me! :P hehe

Anonymous said...

Hah, thanks for visiting my blog. Anyway, your pics look good too! XD I want a DSLR damn badly ;( Jeles.

alvink said...

LOL. says who i have a DSLR camera lol? :P