Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sexay's my name(!!)

Sexay's my name(!!) Sexay's my name(!!)
so, what you what you waiting for?

Back from 3days 2nights KL trip :)
overall, it was an awesome trip!
at least i learnt some photography skill from Bboyrice aka Jeremy :)
he was my tour guide all the time!!
he brought me hanging around in KL.
Thanks ya, so sweet of you!!

i post up tonnes of picts!
hope you guys enjoy it!!

here we go,

That's him!

The blogger.

Dad & Mum.


Sister. Alive =)

taken by me ;)

i love this photo, don't know why i love it so much!!

Numbered List

oops, nice shoot?! XD

While waiting for the monorail.

i likey this!

& he took this for me. (:

i guess i took this in KLCC.

nice? :)

how about this?!

He is my brother! (:

Woot. fat ass!

Thank you to this jie jie who correct all my grammar mistake!! :P

Some picts is still with Jeremy. All my nice nice picts are there lahh!!
no chance to show off show off to you all :P

I'm going to Genting later. yes, later!
but i am sick like a chicken! i hate coughing and sore throat seriously!
i will try to have fun with friends la still :)
who's going to genting too?! RING ME UP.
JOM, Starbucks! =)

What's next? my genting trip?
Take care peeps, And have a nice holidays!


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