Friday, June 25, 2010

Last day in Singapore ;]

I feeling like putting chat box in my blog again, hopefully spammers stay away from my blog.
I just want to know who want to talk to me, who are actually view my blog ;]
i please you, i mean those who hate me. don't spam my chat box.
Thank you very much, i will appreciate if you guys do so. :D

Another day in Singapore.
This is the end of my Singapore trip. Aww.
A little lazy to hurai.nearly forgt what was happened, where did i went.
i came back from Singapore almost one week already :(
Time flies, i miss Singapore. & i love Singaporean!!

i keep on saying i love Singapore, Singaporean!!!

I met this kid when i was on the way to Singapore.
He is cute, but he has a evil sister who keep annoyed him & bully him.
me and xinyee were like slapping her sister while we were on our way to Singapore.
I meant on the coach, they just sat beside us.

forget to mention, we sat the super luxury coach to Singapore.
it cost us about MYR25, two way. from DangaBay to Sentosa Island Singapore.

We took the free ride from Sentosa to Vivo city.
Did some shopping there, for an hour. ;]
i saw a lot of hot chicks and hot guy there. *saliva

Awesome shopping mall.

Jump like a monkey!!

My sister tried to took one for us.
But she failed -___-

Failed again :(

With her boyf, Still failed.

So i decided to took for them.
Easier. =P
*perasan la. i took one lor! don't siao siao ;p

They were checking Singapore map. Looking for those place that we plan to go.

I did some cam-ho outside the mall.

Guess where we went?
we went to Chinatown.
A tourist spot. =)

On Our Way.
MRT station.

They kept ignored me. I helped them to took picture only. :(

So i took picture alone all the time!!:(

We reached. Taadaaaa.

Taken by me.
Unique right? some more in black. =]

Xinyee, Sister and Sasha ;]

I, me, myself. Look, ALONE again :(

In black.


what they were looking for?

Actually all these can found in Malaysia too.

I super like this.

pronounce in mandarin sounds funny! *niu che shui*

We took our lunch there. the fried rice very not nice!

she, without make up.

Xinyee, counting how much she left in the wallet. Hee.

She looks better with the sunglasses :P

The blogger. =)

*jing dian ba kua* XD

We walked to a hawker center.
oh gawt, finally we found carrot cake there ;]
Singapore food. is a must to try!

Ice kacang again ;]
$2 only.

Carrot Cake. i don't like the taste.
looks like penang 'cha goay kak'

I like this pict, she looks cute. and i like my smile Awww
buay paiseh hor me XD

Go to Singapore, of course must go to Orchard Road lahh.
So we went there =P

Orchard road crowded with a lot of people.
People mountain people sea. =P

See, damn ke ai lor me XD

Orchard road w/ me.

Photo exhibition was held at there as well.

we gt tired. & we bought ice-cream. =D

choc-chip =)

I was enjoying myself max max !!

I swear i will enter this shop in the future.
Me and Xinyee stood outside the shop. my sister and her boyfie went inside.
Should go inside and take a look right ? :(

Was waiting the bus to back to Universal Studio.

Universal Studio. !!!

We went back to Johor after that. Went to Shissha again.
& support England. i remember that we watched the match @ 2.
But they played like shit. i mean they disappointed us!!

We went back to Penang the day after.
That's all for my trip.
thanks for viewing, enjoy?

haven't correct all my grammar mistake, Cause sister is working in the pisa pc show.
Maybe tmrw? :D

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