Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hang out.

flashback to Saturday,
Had a great great with two fellows!
Nick & JynnOoi. =)

Thanks Nick for the ride, & for the treat :)
But i guess i deserved lor. Because he met two beautiful girl in a day =P

Sushi King for lunch.

Nice outfit, and she's damn pretty!!!

The berry much stupid Nick!
he is the very talkative,i always want to slap him!!!

Couldn't took a lot of pictures about our food.
Because i was busy eating all the time!!!

But this is very special. Like octopus, but actually it's sausage.

Koh Kah Vee & I shared this. =)

See, Tam jiak face ;p


we watched Knight & Day, & Sex And the City 2.
i watched knight and day twice -___-
But i really enjoy it. Since TomCruise is so so so fcuking handsome!!!

Rate for the movie,

Rate of the movie,

i prefer sex and the city I . :/
p/s : was afraid that we couldn't get into the cinema, but we did it. *proud!

I don't like to camho with her, She's always so charming -___-
Then i look like a little kid beside her :(

Me & Jynn.

We drivethru for our dinner.
MCD @ Green lane.


The driver of the day.

& Me. =)

Click my Ads please. Thank you berry much :D:D

Next post coming up,
Mum's birthday celebration.

With love,

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