Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I guess you guys are waiting?
or most of you viewed those photos in my facebook profile already?
That was second day of my trip. We went to Singapore.
i really love Singapore, i don't know why :/

i shall complete everything about Johor and Singapore by this weekend,
i need to spend more time for revision, monthly test is coming.
i must not screw up the test anymore. i need to pay more effort.
Yet i hope i won't neglect my blog :)
i will try my best to update more, you guys must view my blog more often OK?!

We woke up quite late, and we took quite long time to prepared ourselves.
before we heading to Singapore, we walked to a near by Malay's restaurant for our brunch.

Align CenterLook at her expression, this is her style.
She don't like to smile or acting like very su bun in all these pictures.
i just don't get it :P

By the way, she is my bff. Eoh Xin Yee.
I know her since i was stand 4. when both of us were 10years old.
She sat beside me, and she was taller than me since stand4.

Next, This is my Sister boyfie also known as Sasha Jetly.
Hmm, i don't think he view my blog. So i can just post up all his fugly or hiao hiao picture .

The drink of the day, Jus Mangga ( Mango Juice )
Berry nais! MYR3 for 1. You guys should try.
very different from other mango juice. it is more sourish Hahah.

The food of the day, A plate of Nasi Lemak.
The taste wans't bad. MYR 6.50 if i am not mistaken.

We started our journey by walking and of course.
Public Transport, Buses. :)
Cab is much more expensive. So our first choice is bus.

a piece of random photo of johor town*

Jalan sulaiman :P

And i found this, so damn unique.
What if we stay in this kind of hotel?! Hahahha.
i wondered.

Singapore is just like a stone throw away from Johor! LOL
We finally reached there :)

We gt down from MRT station. first stop was City Hall?
A nice place to shop la. =)
we grabbed a lot of cheap stuff there.

Bukit Batok. :(
forget about this place please. haiz :(

You won't gt lost when you have this XD

On our way to city hall.
Good poser right? Hahaha!

I don't like la! :P

One of the road in singapore lor. so lame!! :X

After that, We went to Little India.
All indian stuff.


Say's who Singapore is always clean and tidy?
the bicycle was just abandoned there, so not nice ;p
tsk tsk

After little india, headed to Katong.
For the very famous Katong Laksa.
taste like penang carry mee ;p

not to forget, the otak-otak!
Thumbs up :D

finish all the food, smile :D

We went for dessert after that :D

Very nice :D

$4 only :D

'pan gi ka dua deh' pronounce in hokkien please.

another thumbs up lor ;p
like father like daughter!! HAHA

Damn ke ai la :)

Evening, we went to Bugis Junction by MRT.
Bugis Junction/ Street is a awesome place for us to shopping!
Every girl would love the place, no doubt.

don't have much time to take photo.
i was busying for shopping.

Guess which 1 is mine? if you got it right,
there's some prizes for you :D

Running out of time, probably going for movie with boonhow the stupid ;p
i must dress up a bit a bit ma right? :D
Dating wor LOL.

Stay tune for my next article k?
about my Singapore trip too :)
Click my Ads, thank you.

your support meant a lot to me :)

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