Friday, July 23, 2010

4C1 =)

Seems like i never introduce ya all about my class. =)
I study in 4 commerce 1 in my school.
This is a stressful class :/
but still i love my classmate :D
They are funny some times!

one thing not really good is that when i feel sleepy, i will be the only one who sleep in the class;
all of them very concentrating while teacher are teaching . :(

This is Adrian Boo.
The one who sit beside me ;]

Bomba Uniform wor! :D

We were having AJK photo taking session ;]

Last mints we planned to go Jusco!
& last mints plans succeeded :D

1st stop, our lunch :)

i love Korean Food ;]
suggestion, if you want to date me.

7 of us :)

korean pan cake :D

i know you want to slap me XD

eating pan cake. taste not bad!

JiaZhen, Ziyue And HuiJun from left to right.

busy tweeting XD

134.55 :D
nice number la lala

Walked around with them.

Evil & Angel :D

Mini celebration for both of them. =)

Zi yue & Yu han.

Choc mud cake is love! :D

so sweet uh?! :P
I feed you, You feed me, we are happy family :D

All of us again, 4c1 rocks!

jia zhen, ok la. no pig face for you :P
but I edit sui sui for you leah! give me a kiss la haha.

Camera Shy nor nor. she is jia yin :)
a modern math pro kaki!

she like NOBODY nobody but chiu XD

Look at us. with our big big mouth :D

Maybe we should plan more out like this.

thanks for reading.


FeeQ said...

haha can I slap u? pls XP

-gozzip boyz- said...

hey hey :)
nice post dude :)
but my photo damned fugly.
BTW you guys' outing are fun :)