Saturday, July 24, 2010


last few weeks,Boonhow the cute cute 1 was having his sem break.
and he brought me out :)
Keep complaining i never update my blog about him.
fine la, here you goes before i prepare myself to hang out w/ loves!

#1 the CUTE blogger.
Cute = Ugly but adorable. =(

#2 was having exam that time.
Stressed until i couldn't finish my food :(

#3 He cut his hair, so short now ;]
i like guy with short hair 1 lor!

#4 Come back penang faster k?
you promise to bring me shopping ar!
Don't break the promise :)

#5 I like this 1 more wor.
because he got no hair :P

p/s : i won't feel pain anymore. because it's not my problem.

thanks for reading.

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FeeQ said...

haha cute stands for LOL