Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My facebook status, everyone deserves a chance to be better right?
yes, i'm changing. i'm trying to be better ;]

Maybe some of you laughing behind me, but still i appreciate :)
Thanks, you smiled at me on Saturday morning. wo zhen de hen kai xin ;]

FML, i skipped school for 3days -___-
i sick for don't know 9123653685times in this year already. ='(

Last week was my school caring week,
Saturday was my school Canteen day.

only one word to describe - BORED.

why i went? Because of my buddy, Adrian Boo.
I went to school and spent 10bucks, just to support him! =)

beside food fair,
there was also fun fair to killed the boredom.
One game for 2bucks, must be one team. one team 4people.
which mean one people have to pay 50sen to play.

Had fun?!

Some cute game! =P

it was raining after half an hour the fun fair start.
They were trying their best to avoid us to gt wet.
Thank you ! loves*

hungry after playing?

KPW = Kadet Polis Wanita ;]

MYR 2 for each, expensive or not?

if i sell it, anyone of you want to buy?
i'm serious! i want to learn and do it :D

T for twitter ;]
Adrian knw i tweet a lot, he knw i love twitter :D
So he did it for me. Thanks buddy!

They are from Chinese Orchestra ;]

Delicious :)

KPW again :)

This is KRS.
KRS = Kadet Remaja Sekolah!

KPW = Kadet Polis Lelaki .
they all damn cool lor. all muscular man :D

okie, this ice-cream cost me 2bucks! (T_T)
expensive hell!!

Me & Melvin Lee.
He likes to say me fat.
yes, i have to admit, i'm fat. (T_T)

The love birds for the day ;p

i love red colour.

last but not least,
another bestf of I. =)

Thanks for reading,


-gozzip boyz- said...

thanks for ya support anyway :)
great day dont ya?

Lady YeeYee said...


okie only wor.
bored -_-