Friday, August 6, 2010

I miss you.

Sometimes, when you realize that someone is really mean to you, that's when you have to lose them. -@Putripcp #ihatequotes

i got this ring from forever 21.
it cost me MYR15 oh gosh.
for me, it's freaking expensive! but i like it :D:D

Tmrw is my school canteen day also known as caring week.
Going to school support my buddy :)

Adrian selling cupcakes tmrw! :)
& he did one for me. THE ONLY ONE! how sweet!! Thanks! =)

spot my cupcake? S(L)Y
(L)stand for love :P
don't be jealous k? next time i learn from him and i do it for ya all ;p

Life is never about smooth rides. Its the jerks, twists and turns where you grow from mistakes. Stay strong! -@Humsyourlife #ihatequotes

1 comment:

-xy- said...

did ur friend make those cupcakes?
is it yummy?
cuz i want to make it for my friend as her bday present, so can i get the recipe or something?
it will help me a LOT.
thanks and keep blogging! : )