Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy birthday, love!

#1 31.12.2008
This post is dedicated for him! :)

His birthday on 18th of Aug. He stuck in Nilai, I stuck in penang. woah, cannot manage to celebrate with him. But he came back from Nilai on Saturday, Just to have a late celebration with me. Yea, thanks god. He is so important for me :)

Happy birthday yea :)
Have a great and cute 19!!!
May all your dream come true. =)

Sushi King for brunch! Headed to Gurney after we done.
always our first choice.
Watched The Expendables! Thumbs up!
i like this movie, especially Jet Li. He is small, so he has to work harder :P just like me lololol.

Superman Tee, Never change lor -_-

His face is getting rounder, tummy is getting bigger! this is what i can say ;p

SiewYeeT aka ladyyeeyee :)
Chilling session at Starbucks before the movie start.

This is the birthday present from me to him :)
i did him birthday card every year!

Running out idea la. someone told me,
maybe simple is the best? :)
Yes, so i just make it as simple as i can!

Inside, nicer! :)

i pay alot of effort lor. appreciate k? don't throw it away. -_-

might get him a better present ;]

I got myself a new hairband :D

Sunday we went to sunway. =P
met up before he balik ke nilai.

i damn like this pict lor. Credit to Boonhow.

I like this too ;p
lanC face LOLOLOL

His new hair style. 60bucks o.O

My blog traffic is so fucking low.
please promote my blog to your friends T_T
i need more followers la!!!
Kindly spam my chatbox! Hahha.

Thanks for reading.


Jan said...

Aww, so sweet!

chris federick said...

those kind of gifts r d sweetest