Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Wishlist.

My birthday is just around the corner! which drop on 28th Sept!
For your information, You guys can start preparing my present :P:P
No la, actually i didn't plan anything for my birthday. because I'm gonna face my final exam on my birthday. How sad?! T____T

Yaaddaaa Yaaaddaaaa, i still gt myself a birthday wishlist. *building castle in the air*

First, happiness.
i want a happy life :)

with a big smile everyday!

Second, i wish i can receive ROSES :)
Girls' favourite! * you know la, i like romantic!* :D

third, Palaroid camera,
p/s don't say I'm copy cat or what. just i wish i own it!
not really can effort the expensive film. this is the problem T_T
Anyone want to sponsor me? *innocent eyes*

4th, BlackBerry smartphone. i don't care whether it's curve or bold, as long as i got a BB. I can BBM with all liangmoi! Okeh, i know i'm dreaming. Shouldn't be so materialistic. Cannot take things for granted. some more my Nokia express music 5800 is still in a good conditional. Awww. :(

5th, If you think BB is not really naise or good,maybe you think Iphone is more suitable for me! Get me Iphone!! Hahaa, but it is too pricey, and fragile. I don't think i can effort la. *sigh

why i list out all present are so expensive?! So stupid hor me. nehmai la, as long as you guys remember my birthday. make me a birthday card, buy me a slice of cake, sing birthday song, blah blah blah, then it is enough. because i don't think anyone will remember my birthday.*sigh

Thanks for reading,

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