Monday, August 16, 2010

something more than you and I know.

#1 you may find this scene in market.

#2 We should appreciate everything we have.

#3 i know there's still a lot to improve.


#5 This month is the Ghost Festival for Chinese.
We pray for our good.
it is 'Dua lao yah' ,pronounce in hokkien.

#6 The biggest 'dua lao yah' in Malaysia.
Located in the city i'm staying! *proud*

#7 Everyone have to pay respect.



# 10 For 'dua lao yah'

#11 Fat and Big dead pig.

#12 the biggest fish i ever seen before, i mean in my real life. -_-

#13 Pray hard.

# 14
We called this 'zor dua hee' in hokkien . =)

ps.All photo taken by canon digital ixus 95is
pps.All photo edited by using photoScape.

Thanks for reading.

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