Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not solo anymore.

Thanks for everything,i know you care, i know you love me. The feeling is stronger than last time. She always tell me, when your world smile, i will smile with you. Finally i got what she mean. Friendship doesn't make sense for me since i don't know when. I mean i won't ever cry for it anymore because you won't get any reward or whatever shit, people will only say you're so fake blah blah blah. I won't take it serious as last time. The hardest part of friendship i've been through. Ct Woon actually pay a lot of effort in our friendship. She is being so kind and nice to me. i know it, but something happened. and after that. i hide my feeling towards her. i just pretend that she is my NORMAL friend, but in my heart she is my VVIP! I love her max max max! After reading her blog, i told myself. no matter what shits happen anymore. i'm not gonna blame her or hide my feeling to her. i will tell her everything. like how i shared my secret to Yuhan,Xinyee, Jamine and not to forget my beloved Adrian domo :P She is my BFF. Now,and always will be.

i knew her since January, i wouldn't know her if we aren't in the same class this year. but thanks god i found her. She is the best listener yet her hand-writing is super-max-fugly! :P Normally she will bring breakfast to school, like bread or smth else. and my fav thingy to do is, asking her. " CT WOON, ni you dai mian bao ma? Ke yi gei wo ma?" Hahahaha. i love the way she smile and laugh too, because when she smile or laugh, we cannot see her eyes :P She is cute!!! and she is hardworking, i like to borrow her notes or exercise home because she always complete her work. She said she admire me, but actually you got nothing to admire you know? Because i'm such a failure :( awww.

we will celebrate my birthday after exam k? i know you don't want to disappoint, and you know how disappoint am i when i knew exam falls on my birthday. Thanks really. you don't have waste money to buy me anything. everything i want from you is just SMILE MORE. like what you told me :P

timetobed.Departure to my dreamland.

I love you, my best friend.

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