Friday, September 10, 2010

#260 post.

Since sister is back from her University for her Raya break. we suggested to go penang island for a break. lol. Dad brought us to Queensbay. Just did window shopping lor. damn broke recently T_T

It's Saturday. what i can say is only FML. I haven't revision for anything yet. Haven't finish up my account folio. I'm out like everyday :( Should feel happy or sad?! :S

Taken this in Element lol. i look so :/

Gt tired of walking, Me and bro went Starbucks to chilled.
This is the brother i hate the most. but i guess i still love him? -_-

after that mum and sister came to join us :)

Cam-ho timey! :P

My lenglui sister :D

the fugly me o.O

i like this picture leh, should i change it as my new profile picture? :P
credit to sister. !!!

the last picture of the day, why not my pict but my sister? :P
Because i love her.

And i love my family! :)


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