Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Secret Recipe.

Holiday ends, school started again. :'( before school reopen, i accompanied mum to Jusco kaikai. i rather out with mum better than rot at home. I'm a out-going person. :)

We went secret recipe!

Because it is having a tea time special!
A slice of cake, free one coffee or one tea! :)
Awesome right?!
Tea time special is from 3pm to 6pm!

Tea time w/ mum is sweet! or maybe you can just go there to chit-chat with buddies :) i love then environment in secret recipe. i feel peaceful inside.

My all time favorite! Choc-Mud-Cake! :)
Mum and I love chocolate a lot!
I shall give a try on chocolate banana next time! :P

Spend some times with those you love and you care. It's worthy!:)

Spot my ear-rings? :)
I got it from Gurney, 3pairs for 10bucks!

And this ring i got it for 10bucks, expensive no?
Thanks for reading :)

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