Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wootz Wootz.

Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah.
Life is busy, with homework,tuition, revision etc etc.
My final exam is gonna start in this Friday which mean 2409 to 0810.
well you know what, my birthday is on 2809. & i'm having my ADD MATHS paper on that day. This is freaking me out!!! So now i have one more birthday wish ! I don't want to get 0marks for Add Maths. God, bless me ! :/
Maybe I shall stop blogging until my final ends.

Counting Down 8 days to my BIG BIG Day,
Those VVIP all are not around during my birthday, even my sister also not here for me. She is not coming back on Tuesday! wtf so sad ar why my birthday not on weekend? :'( GAAAHHHH.

Sharing some photo with you guys!
as usual, i hang out with boon how. :D:D
We were chilling @ SegaFredo!

Self-timer FTW!

i know many of you are curios about what is the relationship between us now,
If you want to know, Come and ask me k?! :P

Blue-Hawaii cocktail.

i've forgotten what is this. Sorry yea :P
But taste not bad!

W/out flashlight.

1,2,3 S-M-I-L-E!

Camera shy, wtf so not me lehh!! lolol

Looked so fatttttt. You better keep fit!

Wearing his new watch! Nike somemore. wtf!

take two. #phail!

What can i say? If you don't like me, or you don't like to read my blog. You just have to click X. and leave. Leave it alone. You don't have to comment so much, Get it? I didn't beg anyone to read my blog or like my blog. Just read it and don't comment. i write you read. if you want to write. create your own blog lahh. Kthnxbai.

Watched Devil yesterday, AWESOME k?! Watch it guys! :P
I remember there's a line inside this movie, at the ending.
If Devil is real, God must be real too :)
So yea, I'm gonna learn how to forgive and forget.
How to take and give!

W/ fringe or w/out fringe, w/ my lovely bow pin or w/out my lovely bow pin. I'm still me.
Thanks for reading,

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