Friday, September 3, 2010

Solo solo solo.

It's holiday AGAIN :)
#iheartMalaysia because Malaysia have a lot of public and school holidays! Happy Holidays!Congraz to those who just finish their test. but FML i'm facing my final after the holidays. Kill me please. Who's have the mood to do revision during holidays?!

I need a personal driver! i mean seriously.
No transport always bring me down T____T
Why rapid doesn't pass by my area?! i live in jungle ma so stupid wtf wtf wtf

Anyway, time to change my profile picture.
Give me some idea. which one to be my brand new profile picture?! :)
or all of them not nice T_T
Drop me a comment. or talk to in chatbox. =)

i just want to keep my blog alive. T_T
Click my ADS please!

Enjoy holidays! It's PARTAY TIME! :)))))

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