Saturday, October 9, 2010

10-10-10 ♥

Harrroooooo fellaaaaaa!!! :DDDD
Happy 10-10-10
Happy Bestday and birdday to Jeremy Choy Aka Bboyrice :))))
Finally you're 21 now! Dai kor zai lahh can fly upp highhh lahhh :PPP
All the best for you ♥

Wait for next year,
11-11-11 :D 
that would be awesome too! Haaaa :)

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Will update my blog soon,
Thanks for reading xoxo.


Biopolymath said...

don't forget we have 12-12-12, the last of the dates series. what have you planned for/ done this day?

Lady YeeYee said...

heeee, yupp :D
12-12-12 :)

rot at home T_T
how about you? :)

FeeQ said...

so sweet! XD

Lady YeeYee said...

Hahaaaa! you jeles? :P