Thursday, October 7, 2010

Open House.

I'm so emo these few days, that's why i don't update my blog so often like how i did last time. My blog visitor getting lesser and lesser because i neglected my blog for my final exams. finally the exam's over, yet i got nothing to update! i rot at home almost everyday :'( ROT AT HOME  = NO LIFE.

thing i do at home are just Sleep, Eat, Tv, Online. Repeat the same action everyday. Sien kao kao!!! :((

Back to my blog post, i went Open House w/ the family, w/out my brother. lol. Dad's friend open house at Bertam. i don't really know where is it, but really far from my house. hahaaa.
i like to join these kind of event :P  Why? 1 Malaysia whettt! :D:D
mengeratkan hubungan antara satu sama lain tanpa megira kaum, isn't it?! Awesome right my Malay! lol wtfff


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