Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pyjamas partay in KL. :)

i quite rajin update my blog leh recently! hahaha. counting down 5days until school reopen.
I stop working and come back from everywhere already :P
 finally i can spend sometime with my bed, my room, and  my family  :P
it's been a very useful and busy holiday for me :D
(^w^)v  I enjoy busy life all the while. at least i don't have time to think non-sense la.

Well, i attended Adeline's sister 21st birthday party, and it was a pyjamas party. oh gawt, this is my first time k! haaa ;]
kinda fun and actually we party on the rooftop! like so fucking awesome! especially the weather! :D

i met a lot of gor gor jie jie there. blehhh. thanks Ho's for the ride, she sent me back to the hotel after party.
We should meet up more often la! especially Hoopla Gang!!! :)

oh ya, i actually met up with Brandon my baybeh in pavillion when i went to kl. like he came all the way from melawati just to meet up with me. TOUCHED :D
& we had great moment too, heee *love*


Adeline on the right ;

Ho on the left ;

& three of us. :D

Again, haha.

& now, Belle join us!
Heart shape. *loved*

ignore my fatlegs k! don't look at it hahahaha.

and all gor gor jie jie i met that night! :D
Leon in the middle, SOLO w/ all the girls! (:

Look like couple or not? *slapself* haha.

Cam-ho queen & cam-ho princess! hahaha.

what are they trying to do? hmmm.

i didn't bring my SLR along, cannot do jumpshoot ahh.
but they still tried to do it with my compact cam! (;

 Start eating! eat also nak cam-ho. look at her :P

The birthday girl in the middle, look alike with adeline lah! :D

*hugggg hugggg*:D

Birthday song, birthday cake. teehee!


Time to replace thumb sucking! LOL

group pict with all the boys. i didn't manage to get group pict with all the girls la. They didn't tag me in fb. *sob

okay,last pict of the night. :)


Thanks for reading,
xoxo. :)

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