Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye 2010! :D

Today is last day of 2010! :D
 uh, it's like finally last day already, can't wait for it. Well, this tiger year are not really good for me. like seriously FML. i made uncountable mistake :( but i learn from my mistake la. to be a better person! :)
So, say BABAI to 2010 & say HARROOO to 2011 :DDDD

My resolution for 2011,
  1. To be good girl, i know i ain't good enough.
  2. To be a happier person. happy go lucky ;]
  3. control my mouth, don't gossip!
  4. friendship don't fail on me anymore!
  5. study harder and party hard.
  6. keep fit.
  7. don't fall in love.
 why don't fall in love? because it is hurt. :)
& i really need to concentrate on my studies for my final year.

Happy New Year Eve people,
Have a great year end :D
Thanks for reading,

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