Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day two in Taiwan.

6o'clock morning call, 7o'clock breakfast, 8o'clock we left the hotel.
Morning we proceed to the natural rock formations of Yehliu, 野柳. :)

Drizzling early in the morning. i damn like my pinky umbrella, ya know! haha. I look like a princess every time when i use it. =P

Nice place. :)
50yuan is about MYR5. :)

everyone was busy taking picts with those special rocks. :)

My pretty mummy :)

The very weird writer! :)

 Can you see the red line in the pic? left hand side there :) 
We all people cannot cross the path, danger.

Nice or not? i like to cam-ho! Hahahahahaha!
He is my Taiwan tourguide, We call him as 500. :)
Honestly, i miss him a lot. i promise him i will go to visit him again, probably after SPM. :)

I brought my crocs shoes along! comfortable mah teehee :)

Left : Mum. Right : Me :D

Adrian domo you was with me! LOL
Then we went to JiuFen to see the old fashion way of life that still exists. 
Jiu Fen is a nice place! Shopping and eat! ahahaha :)

We tried their so-called 卤肉饭。very famous and delicious food in Taiwan :)

This is so nice! :D

Fishball not bad also :)

Vegetable. Ok ok only.

nom nom! :D

After that, proceed to HuaLien 花莲 by train. :D

After arrival, We went to see Amei Aboriginal Cultural Show. :)

They invite me dance with them! Haha. They are friendly :)
Actually they look like Malay you know.

He invite me to dance! Walaoooo he damn handsome :)
& he said this to me, 你好漂亮耶. i damn shiok hahahaha!
if next time i go to Taiwan i will go to find him hahahaa!

Awwwww i miss him so muchhhh.

After dinner go back to the hotel.

We stayed in Lice Hotel, 丽格饭店.

i with spec, look uglyyyyyy.
gonna continue to day 3. :P

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