Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haro everyone hahahah!

Hey guys!
It's been a while since i update my blog, don't know why i usually don't blog a lot when i'm having school holidays. i try to make my holidays full of plans, function, dating and etc. hah, so i don't have enough time to update my blog. I'm so tired of my work, even tough it is quite easy for me i mean like i still can handle the job yet its killing me :( like everyday i have to wake up on 7o'clock, need to avoid traffic jam. so have to go to work early. Then, 5o'clock finish working. Monday to Friday ahhh :( SIAN ahh! Luckily i'm gonna back to school in January. Now i know why people want to study and don't want to work! hahah! We all should enjoy your school life.LOL. 

Christmas is just around the corner, shopping mall are full with decoration. What about your house? You guys ready for Christmas? :) santa claus is coming to town! Teehee :D i don't know where and who i gonna celebrate with. but i can still remember, last year was an awesome Christmas because i got a superb present from my own. I mean my PMR result. gagaaa. proud of myself. i hope next year i can do the same in SPM. :'/ 
&&& Who wants to celebrate Christmas eve with me? Uhmm. *wondering*
&&&&& Who wants to exchange Christmas present with me? Hee, LET ME KNOW K! :)

I'm staying at my aunty place now because i need to tumpang her car to work.Well, i actually bring my laptop with me. But when i take out my laptop, i checked my bag. i realize that i forgot to bring the laptop charger. :( So i'm unable to update about my Taiwan trip day three. i will update it soon. i SWEAR. :) Wait for me okay? I hope i have some loyal fans. even one also enough la. Who's reading my blog? Can you guys just leave me a comment of just drop something at my tagboard. i really want to know. appreciate it very much if you guys do so. Hee!

One thing more, i will update my blog in mandarin on my next post.
i wanna talk about LOVE. blahhh. i really need to shout out my feeling. 
Because i CARE. You & You.

Till then, SiewYeeT.

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