Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day in KL w/ loves.

Oh Hai people! First of all , Thanks everyone who visit my blog. Heee *appreciate*
My hair can has bery short now. I don't blame the teacher anymore doh, i blame school rules now. Don't feel like looking at the mirror anymore, i look like 6 years old little girl. BAHHH. :'(

 This is one part of my KL trip. :D
Went Pavi w/ my baybehs and met up w/ loves! 
We all are awesome! Heeee, looking forward for our next meet up. :D

Enjoy reading and looking k! :P
 Penang girls, Siewyee ; blogger from the left ; Istella ; from the right. :)

Another penang girl, Misha! *loves*
 Meet them!
 *mushi mushi tash bella* :D

 i miss my hair -___-
 Bad bad. *cough*

beginner only la. Good girl i m.

wootz. i seriously love this pict! :D
 Group picts w/ all ze girls!
 One more. *chik-chak* :D
 I wanted to take pic w/ him, he looks good! :D

Cool, all of us.

bella and nichole. :)

& & Me (^w^)Y

Love them gao gao ;p

 Cheong k @ Green box.

We all can sing well k!!!
 OMG, baby let me love you down!!! :D
The club can't handle me right now. lol

Dynamite ;p

 They were focus on the song, i was the camera girl ;p


 She's pretty, ain't she? :)

say Hai to school, back to school back to school.
Tuition everyday. i can die hard. :(
Thanks for reading, xoxo.

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