Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year People! :D

01.01.2011. My first post ;]
Brand new year, brand new feeling! 
2011 please be good to me, teehee *praying hard*

 The 1st present for 2011 from Starbucks! :D
so nice right this present! Eh sister if you're reading this, i didn't collect 12stamps also i can get it! ;p
 & i had a great time w/ cousin and friends on my new year eve :)

Happy New Year people! :DDDD

But why this dress don't have S size. T_____T
i was wearing M size, too biggggg. :'(
so i cannot have this for my new year lor. :(
but i got another red color dress for my new year yesterday! blehhh :P
Same cantik dengan this dress la lol.

Wookay people, say good bye to my hair.
having a hair cut tmrw before school reopen.
Pathetic much,
Thanks for reading. xo.

1 comment:

Adrian said...

Wahh! why wanna cut the hair?let it grow mah TT