Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Earlier birthday celebration! :P

outfit of the night ;]

i was late because i was having add math tuition. so so so sorry :/

 left to right, Me,JiaYin,JiaZhen,Nelson and FongFei the birthday girl. :)
TEEHEEEEEE hahahahahaaahaha two of them are mine -.-

I & my bitch! :) 
FYI, she's the one who sitting beside me in my class. my tablemate. 
i love her a lot. xx

 we are having the same hobby! We always think we are pretty -,-

 # Group Photo , 5c1 rocks! :D
 # Group photo two, happy birthday Fong Fei :)

 so gay right?! Nelson Chong -..- He was carrying Camelia's new LV. :D

 pro ka was making order for us! :)

HeinekenFTW! :D

someone was calling me that time! guess who is it?! Hahaha!
 They all made my day, Thanks people! :)
when is our next date?! 5c1 :PP


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