Wednesday, February 2, 2011

oh haiiii .

 oh haii people i suppose to upload some pictures related to chinese new year one but due to my laziiiinesss i uplod some of my 'ka wa ii ' pictures! :P

today are first day of Chinese New Year so-called ' da nian chu yi ' :)
went granda house for brunch then went temple bai bai and now i'm home. This is what we call new year! T_T hen sien hen sien. max bored. 
When we grown up, chinese new year seems not so fun anymore . :(
since my cousin brother can drive already, ask him fetch me lepak lepak or go for movie! :D

 so next post i wanna everything to be ANG ANG ANG.
& so i can HUAT HUAT HUAT :P
&& FANTABULOUS :DD *laugh out loud*

 Okaayyy got to go now :)

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