Saturday, March 19, 2011

As i promise.

 As i promise, i will make one for you :D
Nice or not?! Anyway, she got herself new phone!
Sambung galaxy Ace. nice phone yo :P

Went to Nelson's Birthday partay last night :)
Had a great night w/ them! all botakssssss hahahaha.
i uploaded about 500plus picts in facebook.
Cool? they should have to pay me, they used my xiao D to take pix until xiao D running out of battery lolol.
& yet i have to resize all the pix and upload all of them.

 Friends like G6 hahahaha.
Me and their GERLI Face. *puke*

 pretty ?! hahahaha *bps*

& the birthday boy look like ghost. =D

Happy birthday to youuuu :)

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