Thursday, March 31, 2011

surprise?! :D

ALOHA! I'm back back back, don't really have time to blog! I've spend most of time on studies & tuition. March is over, April is here. If you're my followers in twitter, if you doesn't. Let me tell ya.
I'm having tuition everyday including weekend. T_T No more weekend hangout. Awwww :'(
I wanted to watch movie. i feel so outdated. Argh, i must used to it until i finish SPM.

I haven't blog about i went AutoCity w/ my schoolmate and Nelson's birthday post.
and many more.

I bet all of you are guessing, WHO IS THIS?

Oh oh oh. sho handsome right ! HAHAHAHA.

 yeah he tried to act cute. Can someone slap him? :PPPPPPPPPP

so, who is him?!
Answer : MY BOYFRIEND. :))))))))

Nyek! Just kidding la.

sorry k jackie. chillax! 

I hope he won't !@#$%^&$@#^*($#$#% me when he read this! lolx.

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jfook said...

Happy April Fool!