Friday, April 1, 2011


 I had an awesome day w/ my classmate during last holiday!
We had BM& Account tuition early in the morning, and then we went Jusco lepak lepak!
It was a last mints plan, and too bad JiaZhen went to Shanghai trip w/ her family and she couldn't join us.
Next time 5C1 semua orang mesti nak keluar bersama! :DD

had our lunch @ Hongkie. :)

Your sincerely, bad hair day!

& this is Yang Nen Nen :P
Yang Nen Nen is her new nickname! hahahaha

They are having this kind of promotion, worthy! :D
MYR 9.90, check it out.
 My fav milk tea :D

Ice honey lemon tea? Not sure.
ice lemon tea :D
Dessert. haha.

 delicious :D



i watched I'm number six w/ them again :P
such a good frien right, i always willing to do sacrifice for any of my friends. appreciate me thank you.

& what after movie? Star-bucks. :D

starbucks for moral folio.

 at the end did nothing T_T
& my moral folio haven't done yet until today. arghhhh.

I did what i promise my bff, :D 
HEEHEE, i love you guys k. Like super muchhie. teehee 
i hope we all are the still same after we graduate. *winks*

that is another weekend again,
Cheng Beng weekend ahhhh.

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