Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day.

Thanks god that i'm still alive.
 Say Hai to the brand new month MAY. :D
It's MAYDAY. Please be pretty good/kind/nice to me kay.
Having mid-term this month, i bet most of my time would be doing revision & Hang out with my gang :P
I'll be uploading my GANG pix once i finish editing. :D 

& here's some of my awesome classmate pix w/ me :D
Brought my xiao D to school last Friday. We took around 500+ pix. -___-

 My awesome tablemate. :)

Bruno Mar's Fans! She's the ghost face, Billy :P

I, ziyan & FongFei. :D

 JiaZhen the fierce girl and Ziyan the hiaoest girl on earth :P

U S.

All of us. BFF :D


Not again,

 Blehhhhhh. :P

come nearer! :P

Nah, my cute smile! TEEHEE wo ai ni men :D
ni men ai wo ma?! Muax muax.!!

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